get a handle on it...

I come from a family of hoarders.

Some of us accept it, some of us deny it ( hello mother) some of us are worse than others but hoarders we all are...


Some days I'm fine with it, others slightly alarmed and worried that one day it will spiral totally out of control and I will be crushed to death by a landslide of  sunglasses from my kitchen cupboards or be suffocated when one of the scarf mountains topples over on top of me.

I'm my own worse enemy. I'm my own enabler so to speak because here I am showing you more stuff that I would happily want to add to The Palace.

Just in the way new buttons can totally transorm an outift, new handles can totally change the look of your cupboards and rooms.


My  favourite ones are from Montys Vintage Store. At only £15 each, these wonderful little animal handles would cheer up any anything and anyone! You can find them here

Animal Range

If little animals are not for you, then how about a simpler little green jeweled or pink spotted one?

These are a total scoop at only £4 and £2 a handle!

Green Clear Knob
Queen Marie