Perhaps Vampire Is A Bit Strong

Whilst stylistically Queen Marie and I have very little in common, what we do both share is a fanatical love of of sunglasses.

I think this is possibly born from the fact we live in a country with relatively little sunshine so when the sun does ocassionally shine, it feels your eyes are burning out of your head! Scotland is basically filled with vampire-like creatures who can't cope with sunshine.

Whilst Queen Marie hoards every pair of sunglasses she ever bought , I am a ruthless purger. I like to only have 5 pairs of sunglasses at most to choose from, with the rest ending up in the charity shop. I'm rotating  about 4 pairs just now, but probably have closer of 10 pairs in the house at the moment in all honesty, as I haven't done a charity shop run in some time.

The issue I have with glasses is always fit. As I have a small skull, so very few glasses fit me. The majority of glasses slip straight off my face the second I look down. So whilst my cheap high street glasses come and go, the 'investment' glasses are always carefully selected. I never chose gimmicky or fun glasses when I'm spending money, prefering to keep to classic shapes and colours which won't date and that I know suit my face.

So when I was introduced to Swedish brand TRIWA, I was rather excited. TRIWA are more known for their watches and the name is actually an acronym for Transforming the Industry of Watches.  The brand are based in Stockholm and whilst I know absolutely nothing about watches, their sunglasses definitely piqued my interest.

Classic styles and shapes but with a creative twist, TRIWA say their brand is playful and unpretentious. They also say "We don’t mind being copied, after all it’s flattering. By the time you manage to produce a TRIWA clone, we’ll already be somewhere else creating the products you will try to copy next. " - a sentiment I really appreciate.

Champagne Bonnie2
Leopard Thelma2
Midnight Ernest2


These are my favourite pair - the Midnight Henry, below, which I'm currently awaiting the arrival of. I was massively tempted to get the blue pair, but went for classic black instead. I love the heavy black frame on these.

Midnight Henry2


So whilst it's not looking likely the sun is going to shine anytime soo, these are still going to make the way to the top of my modest pile.

Queen Michelle