get crafty...



 There's a new kid in magazine town and it's called Crafty.

Published monthly, Crafty Magazine is all about thrifty, upcycling features, craft news and interviews and creative projects that celebrate the vibrant world of contemporary crafts. Covering everything from sewing projects to upcycled style, customising clothes and home décor, behind-the-scenes interviews with established crafters, bloggers and artists and all with a fresh, quirky edge.  

This is a lovely lovely magazine, printed onto uncoated stock it looks, feels and even smells wonderful (trust me there is nothing us creative types love more, than the smell of uncoated paper!!!)

 The magazine is inviting, approachable and has a great use of white space.
And it goes without saying how charming the little give away on the front is. The envelope is perfect and told me everything I needed to know before I even cracked the cover - that Crafty had considered every little detail!!!


I must confess that when it comes to crafting I belong to the Blue Peter school - simple, straightforward but full of enthusiastic hopeful glee.

The article about customizing your converse has sparked my first attempt. I've bought some sparkly crystals and I'm going to put them on my Marimekko Converse Jack Purcells. I'll let you know how it goes.

Crafty3 Crafty 1


 You can have a little look and read of the issue here

Come on everybody, let's get crafty...

Queen Marie