Some things are so beautifully made they almost transcend clothing and become much more. It's always a lofty statement to call fashion art, but something's really are worthy of mantlepiece status.

Last week I received a mantlepiece worthy pair of shoes that had all the girls in the studio gasping in delight when they walked past my desk. The shoes in question are by HEAVY MACHINE, a label established in 2010 by Michelle Wu.

Michelle was born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised in Vancouver, Canada. At the age of 18 Michelle moved to New York City where she attended Fashion Institute of Technology. She creates quite possibly the most gasp worthy shoes I've ever owned. I have featured her many times here and rightly so - her designs are truly unique and an absolute delight to have gracing your feet.

The shoes are from the SS13 collection and are entitled Bladerunner. They feature an incredible sculpted heel which is what makes this shoe so worthy of it's art-like status. 







I took inspiration from the colour blocking on the shoe and wore this pretty Rebecca Torres body suit on top and ASOS puffball skirt with my Cambridge Satchel Co bag and Kirsty Ward necklace...yes those again!

The colour blocking also reminds me of the work of Piet Mondrian.


These are definitely special occasion shoes and I'll most likely be on the hunt for any special occasion to allow to wear these beauties. Fridays may count as a special occasion...

Queen Michelle