We Are Five

This week is the 5 year anniversary of this here blog. Starting way back in 2006, we have remained as opinionated and stubborn as the day we began. We still do not intend on monetising the blog and our ethos is as true now as when we started the blog and that was to blog for enjoyment and passion and not monetary gain.

In truth, our blog hasn't really changed all that much in those 5 years. Sure, the photos are better quality and my hair is shorter, but the tone and the content of the site has been steady and consistent. But I have a question - what would you, the reader, like to see more or less of?

Obviously we want visits to the Kingdom to be fun and enjoyable, so it'd be great to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see appear, or disappear, from the blog. So comment or Tweet me your thoughts.

Obviously you might have no opinion on it, or like it as is, which is totally fine. Just puttin' it out there!

Queen Michelle