Stories in the Shadows...

Next month, sees the birthday of my eldest neice Princess Laura.

Being blessed with a wonderful and vivid imagination Laura loves to talk and tell stories.

So when I came across this charming etsy store, I knew I had struck gold 


Isabella is a 25 year old artist who specializes in portraying myths, legends, superstition, folk songs and all other things related to folklore.
She does this by depicting these stories and songs in her works of art: drawings, shadow puppets, paper-cuts, books and articles.


These shadow puppets will be perfect for Laura, she will have hours of fun, holding us in her thrall as she regales us with her unique versions of these famous stories ...

Hansel and Gretel and Witch $19.00


 The Teddy Bear's Picnic / Laser cut Shadow Puppets $21.00


Little Red Cap and the Big Bad Wolf $19


 Aladdin and the magic lamp $15.50


I suspect this Saint George and The Dragon could be her favourite. It will give her plenty of scope for blood, gore and fantastical flying creatures, especially Dragons.

We are big on dragons in The Kingdom, mainly because Laura and I have watched Spirited Away togethermore times than tongue can tell and we never ever tire of it...


Queen Marie