The Great 2011 Cake Coma...

Hello everyone

Thank you for so much for all your lovely birthday wishes.

As predicted by Queen Michelle, I spent the whole day and night eating cake and snoozing. I did manage to get out of bed in the afternoon to go and visit with Our Frances, where more cake and even another snooze (but in a most unexpected place, details to follow later today when I get my camera back!!!) were the order of the day.

Later that night,after several more cake interludes,  I got all dressed up and ready to head over to Paisley to share in some birthday celebrations with dear chum Sandra who was celebrating her 40th. Needless to say all that cake and snoozing had taken it out of me, so I lay on top of my bed to 'rest my eyes' for five minutes. 

The next thing I knew, a text coming through from Sandra, brought me round.

I had no idea how long I had been out for.

It transpired, I had fallen into a deep deep cake coma, it was 6 o'clock in the morning!!!!



It's also a miracle I didn't strangle myself as I had one of my largest, heaviest choker necklaces on. But I think the coma was so deep, I didn't move an inch all night.

So today, as I plan how to make it up to lovely Sandra, I have come to this deeply shocking conclusion -

 Sometimes too much cake, can be a bad thing.


Too much cake.

Three words I never thought I would hear myself say...


A shamefaced Queen Marie