Winter In Summer

I know we moan about the weather in the Kingdom a lot. It's either wrecking Queen Marie's garden or stopping us doing anything that involves outdoors without wanting to get soaked, but yesterday the shit summer we've had in Scotland was really brought into sharp focus when Prince B and I were scouting locations for some photos we need to take, and to test the lighting he took a photo of me in my scruffy dressed-for-the-weather-and-running-errands clothing.

When I saw the photo it totally hit home that I was wearing cozy fake fur, a shirt, a t-shirt, a trenchcoat and August! In freakin' August! I look like like I'm dressed for winter!

On a side note, please excuse and ignore the bare, and slightly miserable looking, face. It goes to prove that no good can come of me not wearing makeup and not smiling in photos. No good at all. But we're all friends here and that means you need to sometimes see me bare faced and scruffy. And in flat shoes. The horror.


So even though we get a miserable summer, almost every summer, we never seem to get used to it. But it also explains why I have way more winter clothing in my closet. Just as well.

Queen Michelle