Darkside Of Human Nature

I've mentioned before that one of my favourite artists is Hieronymus Bosch. The Dutch painter's narratives on the world around him, his ideas of the church and moralistic values are disturbing and wonderous simultanously. I love looking at Bosch paintings and trying to decide if he's being derisive and scathing of the church or if he, himself, believes these visions of hell as an ardent Christian and is simply a product of the time in which he existed and the beliefs of that period.

I'd love to study The Garden of Earthly Delights up close and absorb every disturbing detail. Little is known of the painter himself, which makes his art even more alluring. There is only 25 of his paintings in existence, it is believed, and oh how I would love to own one.

When I came across the work of Matthew Neidbal I immediately saw how influenced he is by the great Dutch artist, with visually disturbing narratives on subjects such as hunger and starvation. His work is provocative and beautiful; dark and unnerving.

He attended the College of Fine Arts Photography in Wrocław. Looking at his work is like looking at medieval visions in a modern setting.








Mathhew is now, I understand, attending the Art and Design Academy in Łódź to study photography and graphic design.

Queen Michelle