East Is Also West

We love a well priced, affordable boutique in the Kingdom.

Some months we may fork out extra for something luxurious, but most months we work within a reasonable budget reflective of our earnings.

It's not always easy to buy affordable clothing which isn't high street though, and just because you don't want to spend a fortune doesn't mean to you want to wear the same Primark dress as everyone else. I think, generally speaking, if you are working to a budget it's worth keeping things relatively simple as it's harder to spot the difference in cost of a plain white vest, for example.

I have a  closet filled with simple, loose vests ranging from the very expensive (Ann Demeulemeester), to the super cheap (Primark) and both work very well for me and I'd invest in both again for different reasons.

Online shopping has made budget buying so much easier for everyone, especially when shops like Etsy have designers who are very fashion savvy, and are creating original and unique pieces which don't make your bank manager weep in despair.

Apart from those lucky enough to not have been affected by recession, the rest of us must spend a little wiser to make our fashion budgets work that bit harder.

When the Kingdom received an email from Emma telling us about her new online boutique, East is West, saying "The stock is really affordable, and although I don't have a massive amount of stuff online yet, I think it's well on it's way to being a nice, concise little e-boutique.". I couldn't agree more.

Eastiswest_3 The shop stocks simple but fashion-led basics that you may find in the likes of Weekday and Monki, who both have affordable and fashion-led designs down pat.

I think this little boutique is really worth keeping an eye on as she has a clear vision of the style she wants to stock and I think you'll see some more interesting little things coming in over the next few months.

Queen Michelle