Everyday ways...

Statement pieces are curious things.

Regardless of the nature of the item, when you are purchasing them, you are generally doing so for a special occasion (party, wedding, holiday), you don't really imagine them becoming part of your everyday wardrobe.

But this s is exactly what has happened with my A Alicia bespoke necklace. 

This week it has been really warm and I have found myself wearing it everyday. I have been wearing it to work on top of an old handkerchief paisley print sundress.

It's no secret that I cannot handle the heat, so I have also had to break out one of my many vintage fans. These are no mere affectation. They help prevent my face turning the colour of a tomato before I simply fall over in the heat.

Talking of falling over, I also decided to try and follow the example of Queen Michelle this week and take a favourite pair of shoes, who never really see the light of day, into work, and wear and enjoy them there. 

Cue my Miu Miu wedges...







Truth to tell, they only lasted about half an hour before they were cast aside in favour of my trusty old flats. 

The reason? 

We had run out of teabags, and I had to get to the co-op as fast as my feet could could carry me...

In such an emergency situation, those miu miu's were simply madness!

I'll maybe try again this week...


Queen Marie