Finery Of Finsk

I first wrote about London based shoe label Finsk way back in 2008, and they have gone from strength to strength since then, now being stocked in the likes of Oak NYC.

They have kept on their path of designing intricate, architecture inspired shoes, with their sky high wedges probably being their most well known style.

There is no denying the price point is quite high, with most shoes coming in around the £400 bracket. I still haven't committed to spending that on Finsk shoes yet. The rare times I would have £400 to spend on shoes I'd most likely head to Yoox for past season Givenchy, or hand it over to Acne.

However, regardless of price, the shoes themselves are stunning. I am most fond of the way the designer, Julia Lundsten, pays particular attention to texture in her work. Her shoes are functional, for those of us au fait with very high heels, but she wants them to be tactile and visual too. The mix of textured and coloured leathers ensures the shoes remain anything but basic, even her most basic designs are far from basic.

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