Knickers To You

I have been slowly but surely weaning myself off my expensive lingerie habit. The last thing I bought was my Bordelle bra which is absolutely beautiful and hangs proudly on my clothes rail, rather than being tucked away secretly in my lingerie drawer.

A somewhat fluctuating breast size, however, has left many of my bras ill-fitting now, but I am hopeful that they will shrink back to a B cup at some point, allowing me to wear many of my best bras.

Since this a post about lingerie, allow me to be candid - as you get older, the cellulite cometh.

It sneaks upon you and before you know it your ass looks like the surface of the moon. There is no escaping it. Women of all shapes and sizes get it. It's enevitable. As much as we don't want to bother with it, we still secretly do. We may simply never look at it, but we know it's there and I'm sure we'd all prefer for it to naff right off.

Doing ballet has removed much of the cellulite on my legs but it just refuses to remove itself from my backside. No amount of jumps, spins and plies is shifting it. Sure, my ass is hard as steel and higher than it's ever been, but those little dents remain. So I have become the 'cover it and pretend it's not there' type. I am not in the habit of walking around in nothing but my knickers so, generally speaking, my ass is usually covered, but that's not to say that what's covering it shouldn't be gorgeous.

I have been thinking a lot about Big Knickers. The ones normally associated with being the unsexy variety.

'Belly warmers', as they are oft referred as.

I was never a fan of them until I saw the matching pair for my Bordelle bra, but still wasn't sold entirely on the idea. It seemed like it might look sexy on the model, but on a normal sized girl, like me, might just look like I was hiding something which, technically, I am, but no amount of sheer fabric would make it seem otherwise.

Bettie Lift 1
So I didn't partake.

Then I hit upon an idea, whilst in Debenhams looking for nude knickers to wear under my ballet leotard - sometimes, I don't want to wear a full leotard but want to wear my little chiffon skirt. This leaves me having to wear leggings instead of my white ballet tights. So, I found some of those big tummy holding-in knickers in cotton and thought they would look perfect worn over my ballet tights and under my skirt, which would leave me the choice to wear a normal top and dispense with the full leotard.

I got home and I tried on the Big Knickers and, much to my surprise, they were idealmfor ballet but also actually! They made me look quite curvy and not at all dumpy, which is what I would have expected. Suddenly, my mind changed about the Big Knickers.

Fast forward a day or two and the new Lascivious AW11 collection is out.

I have a lot of Lascivious underwear. It's the lingerie label I buy most consistently. The designs are always edgy and really different to anything else out there. So I was rather thrilled to see a pair of Big Knickers in the collection, which are not only sheer but also fringed. How marvelous! Combined with my somewhat 50's style Bordelle bra, I shall surely be chanelling a bit of Bettie Page in these bad boys.

The rest of the collection is beautiful too. Lace, fringes, soft moulded satin and ribbon bows. Everything a lingerie drawer should have.

Kasia-triangle-bra-01 Queen Michelle