Who's The Mommy?

Some of you may recall back in 2009 I featured the work of Mother of London. They promised an Etsy store selling all their samples, but it never seemed to materialise. Or maybe I just missed it.

There is nothing new to report regarding the label, I just think there are some things worth revisiting because they are beautiful, and this is one such thing. Blogging sometimes takes a turn towards the ridiculous with constant posts and, often, only writing about a subject a single time then never revisiting it. As if it's some cardinal sin to look back at a previously posted collection/designer/label/thought and appreciate it again. To paraphrase the great philosopher, Charlie Brown:  "It's good to stop and smell the roses once in a while, Snoopy".






Leather pieces, like harnesses, come and go. Some are great and some not so much, but Mother of London are the mother of them all. Still.

Queen Michelle