The Look Of Revelations

You may recall I featured the incredible work of Klara Kalicz at the beginning of the year, who just finished her second year at Moholy- Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest and has since won herself a scholarship to London Collage of Fashion.

She has returned with her new collection Revelations, which is a continuation of the previous one, with spikes  a predominant feature. She explained that comcept revolves around the concept of "Reptiles which have changed place with furry wild animals. Creatures recalling the grotesque monsters of the apocalypse. The casual pieces of the collection are inspired by the most ancient Hungarian animal the grey cattle".

The spikes certainly evoke a reptilian feel, but the faux fur grounds it and makes it appear more approachable. The hats/hoods are particularly great - Spirit Hoods may have ears, but Klara has spikes!



The thing I find most amazing about her work is that she mades the most ridiculous seems reasonable - I look at the furry spiked cape and it seems like the most natural thing in the world!

Queen Michelle