"she thinks she's a squirrel"

" Hey there Tufty!  how's tricks?"

"Can't complain, but I'm glad I bumped into you."


" Join me in some nuts won't you? I wanted to talk about 'her indoors'"

"Oh good grief, what's she done this time"


" Have you been in the kitchen lately? She's up to her old tricks again!"

"Let me guess, the old squirrel trick. Is she stashing carrier bags under the sink again?"



" Indeed she is. Look at the state of this. I'm starting to think it's a sickness.

She can't seem to throw them away..."



Well at least she's remembering to take some with her when she goes to the Town Centre"

"Fair point, but she would need to go shopping every hour on the hour, to work her way through this lot..."


"And do you know what baffles me most of all?

She bought us from H&M in the sale because we were actually animal tote bags and so far

she hasn't remembered to take us shopping a single sodding time..."


"That's because she's nuts!

Nuts I tell you..."


Tufty and Pip