Pimp My Creepers

For innovative and unexpected collaborations then Underground England have to get top marks. Who would have thought such a niche shoe brand could enter the world of high fashion and without loosing their rock 'n' roll flare? For winklepicker and creepers they truly are my go-to brand. With 5 pairs of Undergound shoes in my armory, I'm thinking I might just need to add these Ashish x Underground creepers, available at ASOS.

Image2xxl Image4xxl
They are black with gold studs and come with your very own tippex pen to vandalise them as you see fit, in keeping with the DIY ethos of youth subcultures like punks and mods.

I truly didn't even realise you still got tippex, but I would be tempted instead to use a gold or silver pen to doodle on mine. Or, at £125 a pop, I might not want to even get them scuffed, never mind draw all over them!

I used to use remnants of emulsion paint the Queen Mum had lying in storage to paint roses on my Converse when I was a kid, so customising shoes isn't exactly new to me. But then I was spending my parents money and not mine!

I also think Ashish x Underground have these fabulous houndstooth creeper boot available at Underground.

UMC-30-DG Queen Michelle