Unleash the Kraken

Not this one...


This one...


This year Kraken Rum, have a tent at T in the Park  which has been programmed by The Sub Club. So despite the extreme weather warnings of flash floods and hail, as I drove up today with T, we were in quite sunny moods. Sadly mine was not to last.

It's been a couple of years since I last was up and I had genuinely forgotten, how completely destroyed people get with drink. I'm not talking tipsy or even really drunk, I'm talking totally deranged and out of their minds. As I stood at a donut stand putting milk in my tea, there were crowds of girls, less than two feet to my left ,who were literally dropping their pants and peeing against a fence. In broad daylight and right next to food stalls!

I hurried into The Kraken tent only to be grabbed by two really drunk boys, who told me to "forget about the tea and take a drink" Two fine examples of the "taps aff" breed, they then proceeded to stumble, fall and pour two entire pints all over me. Drenched doesn't begin to cover it. To add insult to injury, I think they must have had vodka and blackcurrent in there too, as I was now super sticky and smelling of fruit. On the way back to the car, even a little Police dog came over for a sniff before scampering away.

After that, things just went from bad to worse, and long story short, I'm back home and heading for the shower.

Im so anngry I could  unleash my inner Kraken.



A very cross Queen Marie