don't cross the streams...

When it comes to my hair, as you well know, I'm a no muss, no fuss kinda Queen.

Blunt fringe, henna and worn piled up on top of my head, down or in plaits. That's it.That's always it.

But then through the week, an advert came on for some new hair gadget called a Spin Pin that promised simple buns in a flash. which reminded me of the messy bun the girls from The Rainbow Room gave me back in April at the wonderful Scottish Ballet Bloggers Tea Party.







Spin Pins are apparently simplicity itself. So I bought me  a set and set about trying to create a messy bun.

The only thing they warn you about however , is to take care not to "interlock the pins"

Once I read that, I couldn't stop thinking about Ghostbusters and how important it was "not to cross the streams"


So I grabbed my spin pins and...

Yeah you guessed it, I crossed the streams!

No messy bun.

Just mess. Lots of mess...




Simple my arse. Once I eventually got them out of my hair, I abandoned them on a worktop and stomped out of the room in a temper. The spin pins are now  in the kitchen, where they sit mocking me, with my own stupidity, every time I go into make a cup of tea. 

Bad pins!

Stupid Queen!


Queen Marie



Queen Marie