Cute Appeal

I hate when when people call me 'cute'. I feel like they are really saying "you're not good looking enough to be pretty, but you are not offensive enough to be ugly". It's like being called harmless. Urrgh!

I can at least be thankful that my somewhat angular face and body very rarely gets called cute. I'd rather I fall into the pretty or the ugly category. Cute is like when someone you really like giving you a hug but they kinda pat you on the back, rather give you a good squeeze.

Also usually, for similar reasons, cute clothing is too limp for me to really like. However, sometimes something comes along that is so cute and endearing I, for a fleeting moment, wish I was a dainty, 5ft 2", doe eyed little creature with wispy limbs and a whimsical demeanor.

Last week it was exceptionally cute Narrina dresses that had me wanting to be that girl. The dresses are almost childlike in their style with tartan, mixed florals and polka dots all perfect for girls wanting to have their Lula moment.









The label is created by Californian designer Natasha Kumar, who names her dresses such lovely titles as The Delicate, The Victorian, The Uninhibited and The Lively. It's hard to choose my favourite, but The Youthful, rather ironically, is certainly up there at the top.

Queen Michelle