In Autumn I'll Mostly Be Wearing....

Looking through websites selling very high end clothes is, for most of us, a harmless online daydream where we know that never in a million years will we be able to afford any of the things on the site. For this reason we can look, imagine for a while what it would be like to wear such beautiful things, then simply pass by without giving it another thought.

However, for me certainly, the dangerous sites are the ones where the things are affordable. When Topshop send out their coming season stock images, it's a very dangerous thing indeed.

Going into the image area of the site, images of their next season clothes are all there in little boxes, ready for download, with their reasonably affordable prices next to them and, before you know what's happened, you've spent an imagery, albeit possible, £500.

For AW11 Topshop have a few trends coming in store, one of which is pyschobilly and, therefore, awesome. I have made mental shopping lists containing all manner of beautiful pieces that come autumn, need to be added to my Topshop arsenal.




It's also good to see the AW11 Dalmation inspired collection coming to fruition with incredible must have fur coats and dalamation print boots and bags. The leather sleeved cream shearling coat is most certainly getting bought the second that bad boy comes into the store.

But there are other perfect autumn staples in there too, such as mid length skirts and leather trousers.



Queen Michelle