Go with the flo...

Go with the Flo

Well here’s a first on The Kingdom.

A post about menstruation…


Growing up your periods were never mentioned.

Pretty much all you knew was - they are coming, they will be awful, you must never talk about them.

God Forbid that anyone should ever know you are having one.

I shudder to think of the paranoia, the pain and the sneaking sanitary products up your sleeve as you sloped off to the bathroom at work.

So it’s a big hooray to Flo, for not just their ethos but the look and feel of their packaging.

While the heart may be a bit much (no one ever loves their period) it does an excellent job of being feminine, strong and lighthearted.


They produce femcare products that are plant-based and allows for plastic-free Periods

The London-based beauty brand’s mission is to make products for periods as safe, comfortable, eco-friendly and fun as possible. It’s an approach that is resonating with a generation of women used to making informed choices about the products they consume. 

“We realised that corporate tampon brands were using synthetic materials and harsh chemicals,” says co-founder Tara Priya Chandra. “The Women’s Environmental Network estimates that the average woman uses 11,000 tampons in her lifetime. Shouldn’t those tampons be as natural and comfortable as possible?"


- Vegan + Cruelty-free, certifies by PETA and the UK Vegetarian Society 

- 100% organic cotton tampons     

- Hypoallergenic period products sanitised naturally with oxygen, free from chlorine bleach     

- Oeko-Tex® organic bamboo pads + liners, with high biodegradability     

 -Zero-plastic plant-based pad + liner wrappers


So much to admire here.

Go Flo, Go…

Queen Marie