Wedding Belles


I get asked about marriage a lot. Mainly, why am I not.

It’s really quite simple - thus far in my life I just haven’t felt compelled to. Getting married is something you have to absolutely know is right for you and it hasn’t ever been right for me personally.

However, I’m not anti-marriage and I do sometimes wonder what my wedding would have looked like had I ever gotten married. Would it have been in a church or some ruined castle perhaps? Or a basic registrar’s office?

It was brought to the fore again when I was recently asked by a client what my wedding dress would look like.

One of my favourite wedding looks on anyone is still Kate Shillingford and her custom Gareth Pugh dress. This was just a hauntingly beautiful look and her dress is utter perfection . It’s gothic without being gothic. Pink hair looks so cartoonish on most people but on her it looks elegant and understated and compliments the dress beautifully.


When my client asked about my wedding dress, she said “it probably wouldn’t be a big white dress”. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I would possibly wear white or at least a pale colour and doubtless there would be lace and ruffles involved. But to be honest. I’d spend the whole budget on the dress as more than likely I’d want an Alexander McQueen dress and that shit ain’t cheap!

Let’s take a look at what Michelle would get married in, if we lived in a parallel universe…


Yup, as predicated 99% of these are Alexander McQueen. Gonna need a bigger bank balance…

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