Yakety yak...


Looking at my nieces the other week, I smiled thinking the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.

They were both wearing dungarees or as we always called them in our family - dunghinges.

No idea why we call them that but both Frances and I always had weakness for a good pair and now the girls do too!

It’s been decades since I’ve worn them but when I came across the wonderful creations on lucyandyak.com I could feel myself wavering.

I’ve no doubt common sense will soon prevail with my old arse but I suspect Laura, Jenny and oor Frannie will be skipping around in new ones soon. 100% handmade, organic and sustainable these are clothes to feel happy in…


To read more about how Lucy and Yak came to be making such lovely things , then read their lovely story

Closer to home, hopefully our stories are settling to calm down a bit.

Queen Michelle has had a hideous computer malfunction leaving her with insane deadlines to meet. She’s had to buy a new mac which is struggling to keep up with her. She works faster than any designer I have ever seen.

My poor Dad who has been in hospital for about 7 weeks after falling and breaking his arm, wrist and hip is finally back home. My heart is in my mouth every time he has to go up the stairs and the house looks like a mobility showroom with walkers and zimmers but the main thing he is on the road to recovery.

Then last week I had an ‘air hunger attack’ last week which was very scary and totally knocked me on my arse. Nope. I had never hear of it either.

Maybe we all need to put on a pair of comfy organic dungarees and just try to relax a little…

Queen Marie