Jewels for 'The OG's'...


13 years of KOS

How the hell did that happen?

It feel like forever ago. All of us oldies say it but it’s true, it really was a different world back then.

Back when we all had blog rolls of blogging chums. Winona, Ambika, Wendy, Angie,  dearest Sister Wolf, Susie Bubble , Liberty London Girl , Disney Roller Girl and many many other wonderful girls. We all linked to each other in a meaningful way. We all jumped on and off of each others blogs commenting. Even better it also led to wonderful collaborations. Michelle created lots of logos and wonderful brands including Wendy’s in 2011

Just the other day the glorious Wendy Brandes had commented on Queen Michelle’s instagram and had posted about her own 12th Blog anniversary where she talks about  ‘The OG’s of blogging’

If ever anyone could design jewels that befits our senior status then its Wendy. Hell she designs for way above our station. Just feast your eyes on some of the creations from her ‘High Jewlery ‘ range.

Fit for a Queen, an Empress or any of the original blogging wondergirls…


Queen Marie