'Ugly' just got uglier...


‘Ugly’ just got uglier.

Here in The Kingdom we very much operate a ‘knock yourself out’ approach to life, love and dressing.

If you like something, then go ahead , knock yourself out. 

Wear the crazy dress, kiss the weird boy/girl, eat that strange cake.

If you love it then embrace it and squeeze some joy into your life.

Earlier I opened up an emailer from Kingdom favourites LN-CC and it was sharing new sneakers and lots of new Marni. I averted my eyes from the Marni as I can’t allow myself to be tempted at the minute.

I did however cast my eyes over the sneakers and I can’t help but notice how ‘ugly’ sneakers are getting even ‘uglier. Just look at these from Maison Margiela and Off -White.


Maison Margiela’s sneakers are reimagined this season in a distressed chunky style. The Fusion Sneakers are crafted from leather and mesh upper panelling, featuring translucent glue detailing, stitched duct tape panels and white painted mid-soles. 


Who is wearing and buying these.? Paying £1115 ( yes over a thousand pounds) to wear something that looks battered and worn.

Will they still happily wear them in 6 months when they are genuinely worn and a little tired the way we do with our own beloved shoes and sneakers.

I suspect not.

Are they perhaps just wearing them to be seen in something so costly and of the moment?


No judgement . Just asking the question…

Queen Marie