One Teaspoon Please


It’s been some pretty shitty weather here in Glasgow. Raining constantly but often muggy and much too warm to be raining that much. It’s left me in a total quandary as to what to wear for such weather. Whilst I’m indoors 90% of the day, I do sometimes venture out to run errands. My raincoat and my parka have the hoods but they’re too warm to wear! So to compensate I’ve been mostly living in shorts. This allows me to wear my parka but without completely overheating.

Good, flattering shorts are hard to find though. But when you do find a pair or a brand, then stock up on those suckers. For me that means stocking up on One Teaspoon. This US brand never lets me down. I have several pairs of their shorts and well as a denim skirt.

The reason they really work is the cut. The outside leg is cut higher than the inside leg, which is very flattering. It’s how we used cut our Danseuse ballet shorts. And also, they make the back of the shorts longer than the front, which ensures your arse cheeks aren’t on show. Not all their models are cut this way, but it’s a silhouette they seem to favour.


I often make my own denim shorts from old jeans I find in charity shops, but decent denim is quite hard to come by in charity shops. One Teaspoon use the perfect weight of denim in their shorts - none of this super stretchy, barely denim at all, nonsense. The don’t completely cost the earth either, with a pair of typical denim shorts costing around £80. And on top of that, they will just look better with age and how many things can you say that about?!