little old wine drinker me...

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What’s your favourite colour?

That’s a pretty big question when you are young.

When I was very small it was yellow which then changed to purple which then changed to pretty much nothing at all. If you really pressed me, I might say aquamarine but sure as hell I’m never saying plum, wine or maroon.

My school uniform was maroon and I have never overcome my aversion to it.

Having said that, trust Raf Simons to make something that would maybe just maybe make me reconsider. 

Just look at this plum coat with a pink ribbon. Thats a colour match made in heaven. Heavenly too is the blue coat with little blossoms hanging on hooks. I adore these D-rings and dangling cherries. The idea is to have significant totems “you can hang on yourself so you create your own aesthetic,”

I’m guessing I would hang some kind of religious trinket…

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He has just launched the campaign imagery for his Fall/Winter 2019 collection, which he first unveiled at Paris Fashion Week back in January. The new campaign — shot by regular collaborator Willy Vanderperre and styled by Olivier Rizzo — juxtaposes muted grey images with colorful looks shot outside.

Simons’ FW19 collection featured stand-out outerwear pieces, which also feature prominently in the collection, as well as jockey-style headware and references to Blue Velvet, the 1986 film by David Lynch. 

Raf really loves Mr Lynch.

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This black parka has my name on it, but you can keep the jockey hat!

Queen Marie