wet wool...


If this rain doesn’t stop soon, I am going to go mad.

Stark raving full on shouty angry mad.

For some reason it has reminded me of the silicone knitwear produced by Xiao Li a couple of years ago. Rain would run straight off of this stuff!

Away back in 2013, Royal College of Art graduate Xiao Li combined pastel knitwear and three-dimensional spacer fabric to create a collection of charming charming knitwear.

Moulds formed from knitting samples produced jackets and skirts of patterned silicone material. It was inspired by modern architecture and 60s Balenciaga and marked her out a name to watch in the future.

The soft candy-colored palette highlighted the large thick sleeved jumpers and crochet neck detailing. The neck detail remind me of the necklaces from the Lanvin x HM collection. I still wish I had bought them in the red and the pink. Time for a wee prowl on eBay methinks.


To see her wonderful current work what she has been up to recently, take a wee prowl around her site


Queen Marie