Out Of Body


Summer has been none existent so far in Scotland, with temperatures barely reaching over 15 degrees and rain most of the time. I have a closet full of beautiful summer skirts and frocks and whilst I have been stubbornly wearing them, I have to put on my big winter parka on top. But now as the realisation hits that we might not get any sort of summer here at all, I’ve been looking at longer lengths instead and accepting my legs will have to be hidden away for another year.

I’ve featured CelestialBody Studio on here before but I was prompted to feature them again after seeing the above long linen dress, which I thought would be perfect for Queen Marie. I have a few pieces from the brand and I will say that whilst some of the fabrics used for the dresses isn’t that great, well that’s certainly the case with the one I have anyway, they are very affordable and the design of each piece is extremely flattering for all body sizes.

She had a leather bag in the shop I was also going to buy but sadly it’s been snapped up by someone quicker than me. However, there are few bits and pieces here I think would make a welcome addition to the old wardrobe.