It's a swing thing...


Swing coats.

I adore them.

I’ve spent endless hours in my life rifling through second hand shops and on etsy looking at swing, duster and opera coats.

The simplicity of the shape makes them an easy wear. While that swing never fails to lift your spirits and make you feel jaunty ( ooh that’s not a word you use every day)

The other week I came across the most perfect swing coats I have seen in many a long day from the Egg Trading Company

But before I show you, and you get your hopes up, a word of caution. These things are expensive. Seriously expensive.

I’ve been struggling for about two years trying to justify a Pret Pour Partir coat at £495 so there is almost no way I can justify £900 for a cotton coat. Yes I have spent silly money in the past but I was younger more carefree and mortgage free.

Egg makes simple timeless clothes. So I would have this coat forever…


Established in 1994 by Maureen Doherty, who originally trained as a pattern cutter and was both mentored by, and worked with Issey Miyake, these are forever clothes that fly under the radar.

Screenshot 2019-04-06 at 12.07.42.png

My favourite is this distressed blue button coat. For some reason it is making me think about a waxed YMC ‘Deckard’ coat I got from Dr Jives many years ago. Oh I loved that coat and I’m thinking this one could give me the same feeling.

Right I’m off to buy a lottery ticket. Fingers crossed. If I win, the coats are on me!

Queen Marie