Oh my origo...


Its no secret how much Queen Michelle loves concrete. So I’m guessing she is going to flip her lid for these Volcanic Rock creations.

Mexico City design studio David Pompa has used glorious rounded porous volcanic stone into spheres for its latest Origo lighting collection.

The collection includes pendant and wall fixtures constructed from the simple geometric forms. Each of the designs comprise a rounded black volcanic base with a glass bulb attached. The pendant light comprises two stacked spheres suspended by a black wire. For the wall lamp, the same materials are repositioned horizontally, with the sliced the stone in half for mounting.

Geometry in its purest form. Origo embodies opposite essences mirroring volcanic rock and an opal glass diffuser. An exploration of an interaction, light shining onto the texture of the volcanic rock, revealing its relief and contour. Sober and logical, both materials create a relationship between light and composition. Spheres work as a double geometry, mirroring positive and negative. Reinforce the fundamental relationship between light and shadows.


The soft light shines onto the texture of the volcanic rock, revealing its relief and contour. The handmade recinto volcanic stone is illuminated by the opal glass, uncovering its nature and character. This strong and resistant rock has been present in Mexico, used by several Mesoamerican cultures, mainly for sculptures, kitchen utensils and architecture.


This is high drama for any house.

Queen Marie