All That Glitters


We like shiny in the Kingdom. Sequins, glitter, we’re not fussy as long as it shimmers. I’m eternally searching for the perfect silver sequin top and silver pleated leather skirt. Those have been on my shimmer list for years. I know there are other sparkle lovers out there so I wanted to share the work of Lucy Baxter..

Lucy is a womenswear designer based in London. As a designer she challenges the boundaries of handcrafts by experimenting with innovative and sustainable techniques infusing glitter, glamour, colour and texture into her designs.

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Her collection 'BeDazzled' opened Kingston University's MA 2018 Fashion show, it was also selected to show at Wuhan Fashion Week in China.

Prior to her MA she worked in London and Milan in various roles in the fashion industry where she gained experience at companies including Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Brioni and the Max Mara Group.

The collection ‘BeDazzled’ captures the shimmering glamour of Peruvian dress which is rich in embellishment, colour and story. It identifies the unique ethnic cultures and regional costumes of Peru by exploring colour, pattern and hand crafts of Peruvian costume and textiles through contemporary embellishments.

The project experiments with innovative and sustainable materials and techniques combining woven hand-cut plastic with fringe detailing. Playing around with vivid blended colours, mesh cut-outs and boxy shapes.