I talk to the trees...


During the drive to work the last few weeks, I was upset to see that they have been cutting down trees and bushes at the side of the road. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Every day the pile of branches and trunks grew higher and higher. Old trees and young trees all gone.

What was even worse was they way they had been cut down, hacked and smashed. It all just seemed so brutal. I found it really upsetting and found myself talking to the trees apologising at the way their lives had been brought to such an abrupt end just as Spring was around the corner!

Turns out they are about to start roadworks to create a dual carriageway. Just what we need more traffic fumes and less trees to help make oxygen. Yes I know that’s simplistic statement but…


I wish I could spirit them over to Italy so that Italian designer Marco Stefanelli could save some of them and repurpose them for his Brecce collection.

He has devised an ingenious way of removing fragments from sawmill scraps, tree branches, and cement fragments, and replacing them with perfectly sculpted resin embedded with LEDs. The resulting lamps retain the organic nature of their original form yet cast a beautifully subdued light. You can see much more on Stefanelli’s blog

What a wonderful thing to do…

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 13.06.32.png

While I won’t be able to do that, I’m going to go back up at the weekend and try to take some branches and try to root them and plant them in my garden. So that some of them will live on to see another Spring.

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