Mon Ami


There is a certain kind of beauty in the plain. It’s not the kind of beauty that knocks you off your feet or makes you take a sharp intake of breath or keeps you awake at night, but rather it’s a gentle kind of beauty that makes you feel comfortable and content. Plain can mean endless possibilities, a blank canvas.. Plain might not be exciting, but its kind of beauty is no less valuable because of its simplicity.

Believe it or not, plain is the cornerstone of my own wardrobe. I have countless plain pieces that form a foundation upon to build something more dramatic.

On my hunt for the plain stalwart - a blazer - I came across the work of Italian designer Angelia Ami.


Born in 1993, Angelia grew up in Monza, in a what she describes as an eccentric environment, surrounded by animals.

After attending classical studies, in 2012 she changes over to study Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan and in 2016 she establishes her brand, Angelia Ami.

Each piece is intrinsically plain. It’s possesses neither bells nor whistles and oftentimes looks like things you find in a charity shop, but none the less there is a subtle beauty to everything. Everything could easily be layered up to create a textural feast, or left plain for when you just want to blend.