Knit wit...


Even with this cold snap upon us, I’ve been managing to stay pretty snuggly due to the yarn bombing I’ve received recently. Snoods , shawls and even a merino wool cushion have helped me stay warm.

First up was this knitted cushion from KIng and Eye that Grande Empresse Gillian got for my Christmas. Perfect for resting my ipad against if I’m watching a movie in bed.


The lovely Claire KIng from King and Eye hand makes the most glorious and luxurious chunky knit blankets, modern crochet and scandi style handmade home decor. She obviously creates according to Queen Michelle’s mantra of “go big or go home”

Screenshot 2019-02-03 at 14.46.29.png
Screenshot 2019-02-03 at 14.27.01.png

Next up, the warmest snood in the history of the world. Gillian picked up the knitting needles after a gap of about 25 years and made me this Peruvian wool number. I honestly have not had this off since Christmas.

Again chunky and wonderful.


Then it was time to say hello to something a little more delicate. A crochet shawl made from baby alpaca created by the wonderfully talented Kim. I went for two shades of green and some pink. Again I have been wearing it none stop but the very fine fibres are molting and casting everywhere and driving me slightly mad. Any suggestions on how to stop that would be welcome, looking at you LindaB!


Finishing on a more troubling personal note, it may appear that I am a vampire.

I always knew I was pale but when I took this shot with the sun bouncing off a white wall directly on my face, the truth becomes starkly clear, I don’t think I have any blood running through my veins at all. There is no filer at all on this shot, my face really appeared that white. I was scared to look any closer in case I was sparkling.


Holy crap, now if you will excuse me I’m off to buy a new bottle of Benetint.

Queen Marie