Please remove the idiots...


Oh, what a week it’s been.

Queen Michelle and I are watching friends and family being carted into hospitals all around while on the bigger world stage, our minds continue to boggle with all this Brexit bollocks and impeachment drama.

The only way out is through.

We’re a million miles away from inspirational/motivational quotes now. That shit is just not going to cut it.

So to try and give ourselves a chuckle as we wade through it all, I’m sharing the work of artist Thomas Colombo

For some reason Pinterest keeps showing them to me, so I’m sharing some of them with you.

He creates and shares his parodies of childrens book in lots of places including

Digital Meddle, The Rantings of a Madman, Your Pet Here and Your Childhood Ruined

His FB page is a fine place to start…


We are rapidly running out of any more fucks to give.

To help us cope, I shall be looking to eat more cake while Queen Michelle has her art…


If that fails we shall take to our beds and stay there until things start to settle down.


Queen Marie x

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