The Doc Will See You Now


After 30 years, I finally bought another pair of DMs.

When I bought them in the 80’s they cost £35 a pair, nowadays however expect to pay over £100 for a pair of class DMs. I struggled to come to terms with the extraordinary price hike simply because they’re in fashion, but in all honesty they are great boots for just kicking around in and can take a beating, I’d been wearing my Balenciaga Ceinture boots a lot and didn’t want to ruin them so needed a viable alternative.

I went with Jadon model, which comes with a much chunkier sole.


DMs used to be the hardest boots to break in. They would shred your feet for months on end until one day, literally overnight, they’d become the comfiest footwear you own. Back then, you couldn’t get the soles replaced and it was the soles that died long before the uppers, but now you can actually get the soles replaced if you need to.

In terms of how I’ve been wearing them, well I have defaulted back to how I’d wear them originally - black jeans and Thrasher hoodie.

According to Pinterest though, the formula for styling DMs is apparently mid-length skirt, preferably animal print, and a jumper. Needless to say if I do choose to style them it won’t be using this much replicated blogger formula.