Snow tanks..


While 80’s fashion always makes me shudder slightly, anything that has a 70’s vibe tends to make me smile.

That’s exactly what I did when I read about that the Woolmark Company has partnered for a second time with Parisian contemporary label Zadig & Voltaire to create a limited-edition Merino wool capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2019.

 Staying true to the French brand’s signature mishmash of glam-rock-casual, the hero pieces of the Zadig x Woolmark collection is a range of 4 tank-tops. Four woolen tank tops brought on stage by the three muses of the brand that gave their names to it : Eva Herzigova, iconic model of the 90’s, Sasha Pivovarova, of the new generation of fashion, and Freja Beha, living image of the androgynous and sublime model.

As for the message ‘Friends’, it’s continuing the tribe spirit, welcoming and open-minded, that’s at the heart of Z&V’s identity.


For some reason I can totally picture Farrah in one of these vests in her Charlie’s Angels days. I love everything about these shots of her on a skateboard. Everything that is except those dammed cortez shoes. I’ve never tried on a pair of those dammed things that doesn’t see me want to cut off my own feet.


 Wool has always been a part of Zadig & Voltaire’s collections, highlighting the versatility of the premium, natural fibre. The Woolmark Company worked closely with Zadig & Voltaire along with its knitwear manufacturers - Kes Fashion, Spring Air and Neo Concept - and as a result the capsule has gained the prestigious Woolmark certification.


 “Wool is one of the first materials Zadig & Voltaire used for their knitwear collections,” explains Zadig & Voltaire Artistic Director Cecilia Bönström. “For us, wool is a true inheritance and a material that is important as it expresses quality, nobleness and nonchalance at the same time. We have always admired the Woolmark trademark as it is so authentic and linked to high quality.”

The irony of showing pictures of vests while the rain and sleet is hammering against my window is not lost on me. We love a clash here in The KIngdom. The bigger the better.

Queen Marie