Shoes Make It All Better



Shoes. No matter what life is chucking at me, buying a new pair of shoes can sure as shit make me feel better. Looking down at my feet with some shiny new footwear is way better than a therapist. 

I've said this countless times: if you can only afford to splurge on one thing make it your shoes. Well made, quality footwear is the best thing you can do for your feet. It's always worth saving up for decent shoes.

I recently discover these gloriously colourful confections by designer Jessica Kessel. The designer is based in Buenos Aires and studied with a shoe maker, Fernando Lopez Bizcaino and in May of 2014 the designer was part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Mexico. 

The day I tried on the first pair of shoes I designed and made with my own hands I knew that I was going to have lifelong passion for my vocation.

The manufacturing process of each pair of shoes is 100% artisan from start to finish. Jessica is involved at every step from selecting the appropriate mould and sourcing the right leather, to choosing the perfect heel. An emphasis on the details within her designs means her shoes "can be worn all day without compromising on style".