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The Pirelli 2019 calendar features the glorious ballet dancer Misty Copeland

Along with model Gigi Hadid, French actress and model Laetitia Casta and actress Julia Garner they are the leading ladies of the next iconic calendar.

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This year focuses on the four women who are “playing a movie character role who are each on the road to achieving or have achieved their goals in life”.

Queen Michelle and I normally just have " where is the next cake coming from?" as our primary goal.

Albert Watson has photographed this year’s calendar, which was shot in mid-April over 10 days in Miami and New York.The 76-year-old has sought to “narrate their journey, to understand the emotive power of their dreams, the turning points, the moments of victory and defeat, and how they faced each in turn”


Each of the four women have been photographed with someone else who appears in the pictures as part of their narrative.

Hadid, 23, who plays the role of a wealthy individual, has been photographed alongside Chinese-American fashion designer Alexander Wang, who plays her confidant.Her story portrays a “wealthy and successful woman, she appears to have it all but there is sadness amongst her life”.

Ballet star Copeland is photographed with fellow ballet star Calvin Royal III, and the pair play dancers.Her role for the calendar sees her playing a dancer who works in a downtown strip club, and dances to support herself and her boyfriend (played by Calvin Royal III).

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Casta, who rose to fame as a Guess? model in the early 1990s, is photographed alongside ballet dancer Sergei Polunin.

Ukranian-born Polunin has been nicknamed the “bad boy” of the ballet world, following his shock decision to quit the Royal Ballet in 2012 after becoming its youngest principal. Even if you care nothing for ballet, you cant help but admire him as a young human in his prime!


While Ozark actress Garner, 24, is photographed with Danish model Astrid Eika and the pair play the roles of a botanical photographer (Garner) and model (Eika).

For more information and behind the scenes shots of the shoot, you can visit here

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