Step Back In Time


We were visiting the Duchess for a few days and whilst we were there we popped into a little known, but none the less legendary, shop called McKays.

McKays is known in underground circles because the stock is almost entirely 60's-90's deadstock. There is pretty much nothing new in this whole store other than outdoor wear. Trainer collectors have pillaged the shop countless times searching for original 70's and 80's Adidas trainers.

The shop has been going since the 50's and the shopkeeper has been working there since then. But McKays needs to be experienced first hand to truly appreciate it. Stock just gets piled on top of other stock as years pass by. There is no order to anything. Items are not grouped together with similar items and 60's sits alongside industrial, high vis jackets. It's 100% random. The shop itself is in such a state of disrepair that some of the stock itself suffers from mould and water damage but considering that much of it has been hanging there since day 1, it's a miracle any of it survives at all.


With McKays you need to commit to rummaging to find the gems. You have to really want it.

The old man who works there would never allow photos but I snuck a few to try and give you a sense of this crazy shop. These are just two tiny parts of the shop. Some stock is piled so high it infiltrates the walkways and you can't actually get to it.

I went there looking for some 70's flares. I did find some glorious cord ones but sadly they were miles too small. I ended up buying a pair of late 60's brown checked men's suit trousers. Prince B bought a pair of 80's Doc Martins grey brogues and a denim jacket.

If you ever find yourself in Aberdeen, you really must visit this little known gem. Your life will be better for it.

You can find it at 29-31 Queen St, Aberdeen AB10 1AP.