If there is one person out there who could restart Queen Michelle's colour and print button, I'm willing to bet it could be this man.

Manish Arora

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.17.53.png

Hell, his Fall18 collection makes even me, want to run in the direct of orange, pink, tulle and sequins immediately. In the comments section of her last post, QM alluded to her lack of print and colour of late and she was bang on the money. When real life is kicking your arse, you need a uniform, a simple effective armour that leaves your brain free to deal with all the shit being hurled at you by the universe.


These are optimistic, carefree clothes. Im sure they would actually help you feel that way when you put them on but make no mistake, making that move from black to colour is much more difficult than you would imagine. I wish we were all like Iris Apfel who never seems to have suffered for the need to run silent, run deep.


But back to Manish.

He's in a spiritual mood for fall. One sweatshirt even said “Pink and Gold is my religion.”  Orange, and “mystical midnight blues” and even a rabbit—the Chinese emoji Tuzki— danced and pranced across clothes to make you swoon.

Cherry blossom brocades and chrysanthemum thread-work on iterations of worker clothes, with starburst motifs, koi fish, and sequined Eiffel Towers it's all there and more complete with fun little bags that look like minature pinatas.


Now go and make yourself a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy 10 minutes of life affirming colour and pattern...

Queen Marie x