Past And Future

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Most of the reason I miss the comment section on this blog being so full is because KoS is blessed with very special readers. Every time you guys comment, I am often left with a new perspective on things. You manage to inspire me in ways you, the readers, probably don't even realise. When I deeply start to doubt the content I'm creating or the things I share that I'm personally passionate about, sometimes you break the silence to tell me that those things have impacted on you somehow too and I feel soothed again. Ready to carry on another day, researching and sharing and rambling.

I am continually inspired by the things around me and I find blogging generally so vacuous because I see so few other bloggers who seem to genuinely absorb fashion in the way Queen Marie and do. The artistry, the expression, the endless possibilities to invent and reinvent oneself that it offers or, in my case, further cementing the person you are and being Ok with that. 

Inspired by your insightful thoughts  on my last outfit post I went on a the rabid search to find something that was black and beautiful and somehow could capture all the things I desperately want to express in my own outfits but fail to.

I came across Fashion Scout South East Europe winners, Neo Design during that search. They presented at London Fashion Week and were also one the of Woolmark prize European finalists for 2017, won in the past by talents such as Christian Wijnants and Qiu Hao.

Neo design is based on a "new vision of functionality".

Their aesthetic is dark but is goes far beyond that. Padding, ropes, fold and twists add alluring depth to these complex pieces. The body is protected and encased but with vulnerabilities show through with soft cottons and jerseys popping out from underneath those protective surfaces.

Like a modern day Samurai warrior and Joan of Arc all rolled into one.

W strive to bring traditional techniques of making clothing and jewelry to a new age in which functionality will benefit from the simplicity inspired tradition
— neo design
Clothing, jewellery and accessories are intertwined and they form a multifunctional unit, which adapts to the one who wears it offering the possibility to personalize.  Connection between the past and the future is necessary for a strong and healthy society and NEO is trying to provide it through clothing designed for powerful, artistic and mystic souls .
— neo design

You can follow them on Intagram here.