Triple Threat

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wrapped + strapped

As you can imagine we are bombarded with brands and labels wanting to sending us things to style and feature on KoS. We refuse nearly all of them because the fit simply isn't right. Whilst I can style most things out of the context they were intended, it is a lot of work to do so therefore I always ask myself if I can really be bothered doing that every time I want to wear it? The answer is usually no.

However, very occasionally I am contacted by a label who does pique my interest. One such instance is designer Sarah van Oosterom. Sarah is a leather accessories designer based in Australia and launched her eponymous label in 2012. She got in touch to see if I'd be interested in styling up one of her accessories. She had me at 'black leather' so I chose the Triple Wrist Cuff because you can never have too many black leather straps around your wrist, or anywhere really. 


In my opinion, you should always splurge on handbags and shoes. Everything else in your wardrobe can be budget but cheap shoes and bags are a waste of money. It's better to save up for one beautifully crafted and well made bag you'll have forever, than a bunch of cheap bags that will last you months. 

All of Sarah's creations are made of the highest quality leather. Each piece is wholly, or in part, sourced from a region of Italy where a small collection of tanneries still practice the age old ways of vegetable tanning and hand finishing.  The bags don't cost the earth either. The small backpack for example is only $385 AUD. That's not a whole lot of pay for something you'll have forever.