The Bride wore red...


With matching antlers...

If ever you wondered what a full on, balls to the wall, glamourous goth wedding would look like, then crikey, just take a look at this.

Last week saw the celebratory second wedding ( they had already eloped and tied the knot for the first time in February) of Kat Von D to Leafar Seyer 

The  event was all vegan, all cruelty-free, all goth and all out over the top!!!


They themed Heaven and Hell for the receiving and reception rooms where elaborate floral and candle displays would have had guests gobsmacked at the level of detail and  abundance

The custom red bridal gown and antlers, as well as the groom’s embellished and embroidered custom suit were designed and hand made by Majesty Black

The bride wore a red lace veil designed by Adolfo Sanchez, and the groom wore one by Black Majesty (seen as a fringed lace cape in the sketch). Having both the bride and groom obscure their faces under a veil is upholding an extremely old custom known as The Soul Exchange which claims it’s not until the veils are lifted that the two souls become one.


Not every reception features a red grand piano and dancers in red metallic gimp suits but then,  this was no ordinary wedding...


Queen Marie