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When it comes to our favourite colour combinations the more 'off' they are the better!

For Fall Winter 18, Ukrainian designer Lilia Litkovskaya has put together some belters.

She also likes to focus on innovative materials, which for her second Paris presentation included perforated wool, waxed guipure and leather treatments. Staging her showcase at L’Eclaireur, she mixed these up with tailored wool stripes and checks and fluid silk.

For many I'm sure the hand-embroidered leather bodice worked into a giant flower in a rich brown patina, and paired with front-pleat tailored pants in matching brown and blue will be intriguing many of you. There are lots of interesting combinations here to pique your interest. When the lookbook popped through out inbox they were talking about  "Modern Ukrainian Folkelore" but it doesn't feel folklorish to me at all. I'm getting serious 80's Mugler power vibes.

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Some things work better for me than other. I'm just not feeling this leather look

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While I would never wear a suit in a month Sundays, if I did it would be this one below. That ruffle on the jacket just makes it. However I cant help but worry about the footwear. Holy crap those leather fringes are surely a health and safety hazard. That poor girl could trip over her feet in a heartbeat.

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Queen Marie