Time Lapse


The House of Sonia Rykiel and punks boys

Sonia Rykiel celebrates its 50th anniversary. Current creative director of the brand, Julie de Libran, decided to celebrate Madam Rykiel by creating a collection inspired by the music movements of her time, which are many. He took us on a journey through punk, new romanticism, post punk, grunge, mod and pretty much every movement in between. Not every look was a winner for me personally as Sonia Rykiel was never a label I was particularly fond of, but anything punk inspired requires me to delve a little deeper.

Red and black striped, holey jumpers were a large part of my own post punk teenager years. I recall being 18 and was dating a 25 year old punk boy called Brain and we wore matching striped jumpers. He came complete with a 1ft high white mohican. He was the bassist in a punk band and he made a fine accessory for my look at the time. Sadly our relationship was doomed because I kissed my ex boyfriend one night at party. Alas his perfectly executed mohican simply couldn't complete with the head of lush, long, dark hair my ex possessed. So it was goodbye Brain. However, in spite of my failed relationship with a punk boy in the 80's, the look still has a special place in my heart.


Striped jumper aside, the real showstopper for me were these shoes. Oh my! I feel a minor obsession coming my way....