Introducing Ilanio



Ilanio and its audience are part of the same community: the irrepressibly free-thinking fringe that questions social conventions, that refuses to build a one-dimensional identity from off-the-shelf parts. An ever-mutating community that craves new tools for authentic self-expression.

Ilanio is a creative collaboration between artists from many different disciplines. The brainchild of experimental artist Ilan Reuben, his work "examines how clothing both signifies and controls our relationship with our bodies, and the psychological, sexual, social, and spiritual

implications of that connection". Ilanio strives to build acommunity around this work and to "infuse artistic expressiveness in everyday life". It's a new kind of label that does have clothing at it's heart, but also explores experimental art and installations. 


There is a shop on the website that features a stunning bag called Orbis. The mostly clear bags range from a mere $245 up to $395. They are limited addition so when they're gone they're gone. The clear perspex one is my absolute favourite and if I had $245 lying around I'd snap this up in a heartbeat. Independent design can be hard to price. Oftentimes you find yourself paying for the person's time, rather than the quality of

materials used, which isn't a bad thing but it can sometimes means the cost doesn't always guarantee a higher quality product, well certainly not in my experience of shopping mostly independent.

However, Ilanio have priced their Orbis bag very reasonably. £180ish for the clear bag is so affordable for something so unique.