change for change's sake.


It's no secret I'm not good with change. I know it's a fact of life and if I had a £ for every time someone said to me "the only thing you can count on is change" then I would be a very rich Queen indeed.  But I often wonder if change is made just for the sake of change.

I finally got round to upgrading my mac in work to High Sierra and the email sytem has had mutliple changes. All of them for the worse and all of them a total pain in the arse.

So I'm vexed for staff and fans of Lufthansa who are about to be on the receiving end of an expensive and pretty pointless rebranding exercise. I've always been a fan of their 'melon yellow' tail fin and elegant grey undercarriage. But instead of continuing to appreciating their unique look, they have embarked on a programme of 'blandification' saying goodbye to sunny yellow and hello to having the poor crane reversed out a dull corporate blue. 


This not to say that they will lose passengers because of their revised livery.

We all understand that branding is a strategic investment to catch your attention as a customer, build awareness and generate loyalty. I'm sure that the people behind the rebrand will talk about being cleaner, brighter and more in keeping with a modern corporate approach. But they have lost a very effective contrast colour that was used to great effect across all of the touchpoints of the brand especially the uniforms of the staff and the website.

I'll just say two more words and leave it there...

New Coke.

Queen Marie